The Kaufmann Protocol:
Why We Age and How to Stop it

There is an abundance of condensed information available on this website and in the App. Unfortunately, this information, to a certain degree, assumes that the reader has at least a small degree of familiarity with the topic of anti-aging.

The book makes no such assumptions. It explains the theory from the ground up, presenting both a broad understanding of aging as well as very minute details.

In fact, the book was designed specifically so that anyone can understand this topic. So, please, do not feel intimidated or concerned if your scientific background is limited. The science is explained in a stepwise progression, leading the reader down the path to comprehension, and eventually reaching the “need to know” concepts. There are also a series of analogies, so if the science gets complex, the reader can still follow the main ideas.

The first half of the book covers The Seven Tenets of Aging, explaining how and why these categories are important. The second half examines fifteen of the top substances in detail. The rational behind the Kaufmann rating score is reviewed for each agent, as well as a bit of background information.

Therefore to truly understand what the Kaufmann Protocol is about and why it works, the book is the gold standard.