“About a month after starting The Protocol, I could not have imagined how good I would feel. People started complementing me on my complexion, commenting that my face appeared smoother and had a healthy glow.
— Rese Badalamente, RN

By my third month on the protocol, I started noticing less hair in my comb. I had to cut my nails more frequently, and the tone of my skin was different.. not like the wrinkles disappeared, but I had a different glow.
— Christian Quintero, MD, MBA

It’s crazy, but I feel like my cognition is getting better, my reaction times are shorter, and my strength is better than it’s been in over 20 years. This protocol is a game changer.
— Massimiliano Mori, RN, BSN

Dr. Kaufmann’s recipe isn’t a magic potion or random mixture of herbs. It’s a logical application of science. A new awareness has begun and I’m loving it.
— Luigi Viola, MD

Thanks to Dr. Kaufmann’s Protocol, I look younger, feel younger, and have more energy than I’ve had in years. I have my life back, and I believe this is an enormous part of my healing.
— Tim Shea, Athlete

“Dr. Kaufmann is a fount of knowledge about the Fountain of Youth.”
— Chad Saunders, MD