February 14th 2019

Welcome to the inaugural Kaufmann Protocol blog. 

As you know, the Protocol is my attempt to usher the fledgling field of longevity and anti-aging into a more sound, scientific place and make the information more available to the public.

If you are reading this, you know that I launched this project just under a year ago. Since that time, things have grown and expanded faster than I could have imagined. The book is doing amazingly well and the App is finally building a following. I think the world is hungry for real, scientific but useful information that can make all of our lives better. 

Since the launch, I have experienced a deluge of incredibly great questions, and unimaginable success stories.

Therefore, in addition to putting more information about the individual agents on the website ( I just added synopsis section including about 30 of them), this will be a forum for introducing more agents, answering those frequently asked questions, and highlighting the great successes that folks have reported. 

So, please, I encourage you to keep the questions coming! 

Dr. Sandy

Ross Goldstein