A Note from Dr. Sandy


I started this project with a very singular and selfish goal; I did not want to age. Granted, no one really wants to, but I was utterly determined. I initiated this quest in the standard fashion, and sought out practical information from various sources. To my disappointment, I found the supposed experts’ answers absolutely inadequate.

As a scientist and physician, I did what I do best; I turned to scientific literature for answers. After innumerable years of gathering as much information as possible, I came to several major conclusions.

The biggest realization is that aging is multifactorial, and while scientists have a grasp of the smaller pieces, no one has assembled the puzzle into a complete picture.

This eventually led to the seven tenets of aging as I tried to make a list that was comprehensive, yet organized. Once this list was established, it was an easy jump to realize that every aspect of aging had to be curtailed.

It was about this time that I began my days as a human guinea pig. My colleagues thought I was a bit nuts, but time has validated my approach. My vision improved. My skin improved. I realized that I never got sick. I had endless energy. The list of positive benefits grew and grew.

Over the course of several years, more and more of the people around me solicited my advice, having now witnessed my metamorphosis.

The ensuing onslaught of positive feedback paved the way for a more formal approach. I developed specific protocols for particular complaints. I learned what people really experienced, what they could tolerate and how their bodies responded.

Hundreds of success stories later, I was encouraged to go public. This has all led to the book which explains everything, and then App that helps those folks get even more information and personal guidance.

I invite you to join me in my quest. Not just to live longer, but to live better.